New Minders Single – It’s Going Break Out

Hello All, well here’s the new Minder’s single. This is our first brand-new record release in 7 years, I’m really proud of how it turned out, and I do hope you will like it. I have posted it on Bandcamp at the following address:

The two songs are for sale at a dollar a piece. I can tell you that any help is greatly appreciated. I still intend to do a Kickstarter in the Fall, and the 7″ was sent off to the plant this afternoon. So, please check this out, and if you’d like to hear an acoustic performance, I will be playing at the Ace Hotel in Portland tomorrow afternoon @ 12:30 pm.

See you there!

7″ Single Update

Alright …. I just set a date to master our new 7″. I’m pretty excited, since this is the first thing I’ve put out there in seven years. I expect to get everything completed and out in stores by mid October. I’ll set up a download code through Dirigeable and Space Cassette; once I get the copies of the 45 back. I’ll post the art work soon! keep your eyes peeled for an acoustic performance shot on video from my back yard!
See you soon, enjoy what’s left of this summer.

New Record Update

hello all, I just wanted to give a shout out, and let everybody know that The minders new record is almost finished, and that I will be releasing a new 7″ soon. ‘It’s gonna breakout” will be available as an elephant 6/space cassette record. The minders recorded this new single at jackpot studios in PDX- this recording features members of the Portland Cello Project, and engineered/produced by Larry Crane. Jesse Sandoval on drums, Mayhaw Hoons on Bass Andy Naify on lead guitar, Rebecca cole on keys, and me myself and I on acoustic guitars and lead vocals. I will be be posting a kickstarter campaign soon to raise money to press this latest recording. Once it’s up, I’ll let y’all know.
Much Love, Martyn

The Minders In Studio

It has been a while since we posted an update here on the Dirigeable Recordings. We just wanted to give you a quick update, The Minders have been busy in the studio working on their new album to be released soon. Once we have more info we will update you.

Welcome to Dirigeable Recordings

It’s been close to a decade since the Dirigeable records imprint was launched. Originally, Dirigeable was meant to become the home of the Portland pop band, The Minders. Martyn Leaper and Sean Davidson both launched a website, and set about pursuing new bands from the Portland area that would become contributors to this embryonic – ambitious pop label.

Over the course of three years, to little fanfare, six bands each released their first recordings on Dirigeable. Only two would hail from Portland:(Minders/Papillion), two from neighboring California (New Bethel, Greater California); The Arthurs from Austin, Princeton Reverbs Colonial were from distant New Hampshire, and Plane came out of the Chicago indie scene. It may be said that there were some high expectations for the Dirigeable label. Like its moniker, the imprint was set to reach for the clouds; however, somewhere along the way the energy behind the organization subsided. The door may as well have closed for good on Dirigeable, had it not been for the dogged insistence of both Sean and Martyn to give it one more try!

And so, here we have the revived and improved 21st century edition of Dirigeable recordings:

To celebrate the label’s re-launching, The Minders are releasing another installment of b-sides and
singles. This is to be the second edition of Cul-de sacs and dead ends; the first volume being released in 1999. Please look for a downloadable version of this record on band camp sometime in March, plus, there is to be a split single release of The Minders, and The Spookies. This release is slated for late spring.

Thanks for visiting us, and get ready to enjoy more sweet pop sounds from the underground!